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If you’ve ever considered investing in real estate, now might be the right time. While 2021 has proven to have many financial ups and downs, you might have the opportunity to make a solid profit from selling or renting out an investment property. It’s one thing to know that real estate can be a smart investment; it’s another to know which project will make the greatest profit when it’s time to sell.


About vServe

We function on the fundamentals of trust, transparency, and expertise. As an online platform, we have an exhaustive range of property listings across Pan India. We have projects embarked with the latest technology and innovative ideas to suit every customer’s interest and budget. vServe believes in turning customers’ thinking into the best affordable deal and safest investment.

The Real Estate industry has been booming for the last few years as the city is developing its residential and commercial segment, so we here provide end-to-end assistance to customers buying. We Explore research and critical thinking on trends and opportunities in real estate connecting with the best professional pan India.

Our guiding principle at vServe is to provide strategic solutions that make real estate holdings more productive and economically efficient for its clients across all service lines.

"One serve destination website for exclusive real estate projects booming in the market since last few years across pan India"

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We are the fastest-growing company in the online real estate platform. Born out of the need to simplify the search for residential property, retail shop, office space,multi-complex, food court, and studio apartment. Free of fake listings and endless site visits, we created a unique property search platform that filled the gaps left by others in the market. Led by passionate problem-solvers, and backed by top investors from around the world, we are poised to become the most trusted place to find property in India.

Our core values shape our culture and define who we are. They underscore our commitment to our clients, communities, and each other, and provide direction for everything we do.

We strongly believe in teamwork, ethics, and excellence.

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Top 10 Reasons to invest in Indian Commercial Projects in 2021


Top 10 Reasons to invest in Indian Commercial Projects in 2021


Top 10 Reasons to invest in Indian Commercial Projects in 2021

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Which city is best for buying property in India?

If you want looking for property investment in India here are top best cities listed below to buy property in India.
Property in Gurgaon
Property in Bangalore
Property in Kolkata
Property in Pune
Property in Mumbai
Property In Noida

Why should one rely on Real Estate Investment in India?

Real estate investment in India is by far the most secure option. We're all trying to plan for the future and looking for the best ways to multiply our savings and wealth. Citizens have a variety of investment options, including fixed deposits, gold, stocks, real estate investments, and even venture capital. However, a close examination of all of them reveals that real estate investment in India has the lowest risk and the highest returns.

Why is Real Estate Investment Valuable? What is the best way to invest in real estate in India?

With the rise of bank scams, it is no longer safe to keep all of your money in a bank. It is possible to steal gold. As a result, it is not only a risky investment, but it also puts gold owners' lives and limbs in jeopardy by making them vulnerable to loot and attack. The stock market is also unpredictable. The stock value fluctuates at a very unpredictable rate. Investing in startups is also a risky option, as 90 per cent of startups fails, according to research. Entrepreneurs can benefit from real estate investment.

As a result, real estate investment is by far the best option for protecting your hard-earned money, growing your wealth, and securing your future. Continue reading to learn why and how to invest in real estate in India right now. Look for the best real estate investment opportunities in your area.

What advantage do you get when you invest in real estate in India?

Real Estate Investment in India Has Massive Appreciation Potential?

For centuries, real estate has been characterised by property value appreciation. With more and more international companies investing in India, real estate values have risen faster than ever. With international investors looking to shift their investment from China to India in the post-Covid-19 scenario, it is even more advantageous for real estate investors in India. More jobs will be created, more people will move to different cities, and more people will want to buy homes as they relocate. Real estate prices are something which will eventually increase with a good return on the investment.

Even if you invest in a seemingly low-value property on the outskirts or in the suburbs, it could turn out to be a gold mine in the future due to rising property values! Whether it is real estate for beginners or real estate for entrepreneurs, you can find suitable options.

Property values can rise at an exponential rate, and real estate investing can help you become wealthy quickly. When you look around at the well-to-do people, you will notice that the affluent people are generally the ones who inherited a significant amount of property. Following urbanisation, many ordinary people sold their lands and property and became wealthy overnight.

For salaried individuals, investing in real estate in India can result in significant tax savings. If you take out a home loan, you can get an IT rebate on the annual interest paid, a portion of the principal loan amount, stamp duty and registration fees, and other additional deductions under Section 24, Section 80C, Section 80EE, and so on.

If you believe that the markets are down due to Covid-19 and that now is not the time to invest in real estate, you will be surprised to learn that now is the time to invest in real estate. The recently reduced cement rates, combined with the discounts and rebates associated with Covid-impacted markets, can assist you in acquiring property at a lower cost. This is why you should make a real estate investment right now.

Why Should You Use vServeRealty to Purchase Property in India?

vServeRealty operates based on trust and expertise in the market, where there are numerous opportunities to invest and purchase real estate in india. With an online platform, the tremendous and vast variety of property options is visible, where you can check scroll and self-verify your need for the desired property. The platform meets your requirement for all property listings in one location. The number 1 choice for online property marketplace.

Find Variety Of Properties in India Online From vServeRealty

Residential Properties/Real Estate

This category includes apartments, single-family homes, multi-family homes, villas, townships, and condos. From an investment standpoint, each of these options presents unique opportunities. Prices of well-built villas and independent houses, for example, rise over time due to rising land values and the longevity of the building. However, the price of apartments may not increase due to quality after 10-15 years of use. As a result, they must be sold within the next five to seven years.

Commercial Properties Real Estate

Shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and office buildings are all examples of commercial properties that most of us are familiar with. Investing in them is more expensive than investing in residential properties, but the profit potential is greater. However, if you are a first-time investor, selecting the right property for investment may be difficult. To be safe, you should seek the advice of vServeRealty, the organization has expertise in the real estate market with years of trust and loyalty.

Industrial Properties & Real Estate

Industrial properties are buildings and factories used for manufacturing and warehousing. They are generally located far from the city to avoid polluting the citizens. Investing in these properties may be difficult due to the difficulty in estimating the capital investment. Even though the property was recently converted from agricultural land to an industrial establishment, its price will be much higher than the nearby farmlands.

Investing in Land/Plots & Villas

This is one of the most affordable and secure real estate properties in India. When you buy land for investment purposes, you don't have to worry about theft, damage, or maintenance, which is fantastic. However, generating passive income from land investment requires some unconventional ideas that may or may not work. However, it is still worthwhile to invest in it because it may pay off handsomely in the future.

Conclusion: Every type of real estate investment has pluses and minuses. As a result, investing and buying responsibly can help. However, if you want to be a successful real estate investor or plan to buy your dream home or just look for a property, you must first assess your financial situation as well as the growth prospects of the property in question. Furthermore, consider how you will use the property in the long and short term. vServe is here with all the solutions to your real estate problems.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As the population of India is growing rapidly, the demand for commercial real estate is rapidly increasing. Therefore, investing in commercial properties can help you reap high returns on investment.

No tax benefits are available for NRI's unless you file your returns and subsequently become eligible to avail the tax benefits as mentioned under Home Loan FAQ's.

Commercial properties typically have an annual return off the purchase price between 6% and 12%, depending on the area, current economy, and external factors (such as a pandemic). That's a much higher range than ordinarily exists for single family home properties (1% to 4% at best).

These advantages include: steady cash flow, readily available tenants, lower vacancy risks, and higher income potential. However, before simply buying any commercial property, investors must complete due diligence, to ensure the property aligns with your investment strategy.

  • No Waiting Period. There is no waiting period for the buyer to receive a Return on Investment because a preleased commercial property is already leased and earning a monthly rental income. ...
  • Capital Appreciation. ...
  • Regular And Assured Income. ...
  • Easy Liquidity.
  • Rental Discounting.

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